Monday, May 16, 2011

MLS Wrap Week 9 (Part 2)

New York Red Bulls 2, Chivas USA 3

Chivas USA certainly surprised a lot of people. The New York Red Bulls were coming off a midweek game against the NASL’s Montreal Impact in which they lost 1-0. Heavy legs were evident , however what seemed to hurt the Red Bulls the most was the lack of sharpness. That’ll happen if you only have one day of training and jet lag. Justin Braun of Chivas enjoyed a career night scoring a goal in the 6th, 31st and 56th minute. All strikers were opportunistic and well taken. However in between each goal, the Red Bulls struck with conviction. Thierry Henry leveled the score at 1-1 with a world class finish in the 21st minute and Dwayne De Rosario hammered home a PK in the 35th to tie the score at 2-2. It proved inconsequential as the Red Bulls were unable to cancel out Braun’s third goal and Chivas left Red Bull Arena with the full 3 points.

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Seattle Sounders 1, Portland Timbers 1

It had all the right components to be a classic. Sold out, record setting crowd, amazing Tifos (which you should Youtube for sure) and a rivalry that transcends three decades of sports.  The game was rife with action but devoid of goals. Only two shots found the back of the net in this match. It was a match played under a monsoon that did nothing to slow the work rate of the players.  However, the quality of the game did suffer a bit as fans were not treated to the most elegant of matches. Most interesting in this? Despite being such bitter rivals, the game yielded absolutely no cards.  Ponder that.

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Real Salt Lake 0, Houston Dynamo 0

There could not have been a more back and forth game that ended scoreless. Some physical tackling and necessary cards peppered the game. Both teams were extremely aggressive in their attacks, testing each keeper and embarrassingly frustrating offsides calls. Real Salt Lake stretched their unbeaten streak at home (MLS play) one game further, but they have to feel they let this game go. Despite the many scoring chances generated by both teams, it was RSL who looked the more dangerous foe and if not for some poor finishing and the linesman, RSL would have run away with it.

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