Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Morning Thoughts

The weekend gave us some interesting talking points. Here are a few quick thoughts and some snap judgments on what the weekend did for MLS. Also below, a small preview for upcoming articles this week.

Real Salt Lake beats Chivas 1-0; Morales taken off field in stretcherInjuries: This weekend represented another weekend where a league star went down with a broken bone in his leg. Javier Morales, Real Salt Lake’s engine for offense, fell victim to an admittedly more clumsy than malicious challenge by Marco Mondaini of Chivas USA. Nonetheless the tackle was from behind and this has got to mean suspension. Not necessarily a suspension for intent to injury, but because the league has absolutely got to clamp down on these physical fouls. It’s a slippery slope, mind you. However, something simply must be done. Zakuani, Boskovic, Ferreira and now Javier Morales have lost their season to injury. These are names that each mean something to their clubs, it is without a doubt a loss to the league.  Check back later today for a more in depth look on what the loss of Javier Morales means to Real Salt Lake.

Draws, Ties or Kissing Your Brother: Quite a few ties this weekend…five in fact. After several extremely exciting weeks with highlight real goals and impressive saves, this week proved a bit mundane when looking at the score line. No 4-0 shellacking of anyone, not utter dominance. In fact each game was fairly competitive, though devoid of any major excitement.

Predictably the LA vs NY game proved most exciting to watch. At Gillette Stadium, the Revolution found some good chances in the run of play, but ultimately failed to convert as they tied the defending champion Colorado Rapids. It was a similar story at RFK where D.C. United were held scoreless as they tied FC Dallas. Curiously, the dynamic tandem of Josh Wolff and Charlie Davies split apart. Wolff sat the bench in favor of Joseph Nqwenya…one wonders if Ben Olsen knew something there but kept it close to the chest. Vancouver and Chicago each walked away from a point. Finally, in Columbus for the “Sigi Cup” neither team walked with the spoils and were left to share points.   

The Clash of the Titans: Delivered.  The Galaxy and the Red Bulls put on a show. While the score line showed a 1-1 draw, there were some worthy highlight real moments. The high priced attack of either team could sell a ticket or two, but in this game it was the goalkeepers who shined. Both Bouna Coundoul and Donovan Ricketts showed why they are prime candidates for Goalkeeper of the Year. It’s early, but keep an eye on them. Check out the recap of the game in Sunday’s post, it includes a video link. 

Here is a quick treat from the guys over at Video compilation of top plays from over the weekend. Those saves...

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A few things to look for later this week: discussions on the loss of Javier Morales, interview with a Red Bull defender and a look at what the Carolina Railhawks have on slate. 


  1. that tackle may have been "clumsy", but he knew he wasn't going to get the ball.

  2. Donovan should've scored that second goal, but Ream's save, beyond beautiful :)


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