Friday, May 13, 2011

Seattle vs Portland, The Real Rivalry

First shot of the new war. 2010.
Looking to all the great games this weekend, one stands above the rest. The Cascadia Rivalry. The Seattle Sounders are hosting their 30+ year rivals the Portland Timbers. Expect this one to be three things: loud, physical and damned exciting.

Just as the New York/LA game was billed as a battle of the league’s most expensive and start studded teams, this game is billed as the rivalry that never sleeps. Seattle and Portland dislike each other in every sport. Soccer is no exception. From the old NASL days, through USL and now MLS these two teams will do battle in what promises to be an epic one for all involved.  Portland threw the first shot of the modern era by putting up a billboard in Seattle last years and things have taken off from there.

Watch as Kasey Keller and the Sounders discusses the rivalry.

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The game will be live on ESPN2 Saturday night at 11pm. Do yourself a favor east coast, brew a pot of coffee and stay up for this one.

For those looking for an epic rivalry clip, try this one.


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  2. just watching a video got me excited in many ways!

  3. Haha expect this game to top the New York/LA game in energy. Passion unrivaled.

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