Tuesday, June 28, 2011

De Rosario, McCarty Trade a Positive One

De Rosario will play for D.C. United

Interesting is an understatement in the latest league trade. The New York Red Bulls traded league veteran and elite midfielder Dwayne De Rosario to D.C. United for the younger and less proven Dax McCarty. Both teams have been underperforming as of late.

D.C. United has struggled less than in recent years, yet still hasn’t made the league impact it was hoping to.  United combined proven veteran leadership like Josh Wolff and youthful talent like Chris Pontius and Andy Najar. Add to that the recovering and still dangerous Charlie Davies and United fans had reason to be hopeful. Even more so when Ben Olsen went out and grabbed Dax McCarty from MLS Cup finalists FC Dallas.

Coach Ben Olsen had this to say to Travis Clark about De Rosario: “We’re not throwing what we built out the window because we got some additions,” he said. “DeRo has played 4-4-2, he’s played 4-3-3, he’s played it all and he’s played a lot of positions. I don’t plan on mixing up formations or the way we go about our business

New York has underperformed even more so. The Red Bulls boast a roster with world powers such as Thierry Henry and Rafa Marquez. However, in addition to Henry and Marquez the team also boasts Juan Agudelo, Luke Rodgers, and Tim Ream. I’ve written before that this may in fact be MLS’s version of a Superteam. Dwayne De Rosario was to be the final key to the puzzle.

For one reason or another, he was not and the league rivals decided to make a change. It may prove to be a major benefit to all involved. De Rosario struggled to post the offensive numbers with New York that he accumulated with Houston and Toronto. In no way though, does this mean that DeRo was underperforming. In fact, he played very well. Simply put, De Rosario was no longer the focal point of an offense and thus his statistics stuttered.  De Rosario has a documented history of wanting to be the star, the provider. In the move to D.C. he gets just that.

McCarty had yet to find rhythm at United despite his obvious talent. In New York, McCarty will find himself surrounded by talent at a level he rarely experiences. In the end it may be that both players and clubs will be happy.

We don’t necessarily know that any parties were unhappy with one another so much as we know all involved were underperforming despite making early season signings. Fans of both teams should be pleased at the potential. There is certainly a major gain to be had by both groups.

“Dax is an exciting young player who will immediately add his dynamic style of play to our midfield,” said New York GM Erik Solér. “He is an excellent two-way player who will contribute both to our defense and to our attack for seasons to come.”


  1. With DeRo, I felt like NYRB had too much of a good thing. The offense was practically overflowing, with stars not getting their appropriate touches and glory. Dax is a much lower-profile player and might not mind having a few less attacking opportunities. Plus for Soler and the Red Bulls, more $$$ to spend this summer. Good trade and article. -Ned Harwood (TMLS Writer)

  2. The mls is the only league in world soccer (football) that a player can change teams two times within a few months in the same season. It will also be interesting to see what NYRB does with the salary cap space they now have available.

  3. Ned, good points. I think in the end DeRo needs to be the center of the attack, not just for his style but for his mentality. Cintron, you're right about MLS being alittle crazy in that respect.
    You both nailed it when you said it comes down to cap space for NY, likely going to shop for a goalkeeper after recent weeks.

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