Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bobby Convey Looking Forward to Manchester United

Ahead of the MLS All-Star Game, Bobby Convey spoke with MLS Reserves.
Convey was selected to the All-Star roster for the second consecutive year. He’s been consistently effective for the San Jose Earthquakes as both a left back and a midfielder. San Jose has only lost twice in its last 13 matches and Convey’s efforts have played a huge role in that. He is one of two Earthquakes, the other being Chris Wondolowski, to be selected to the MLS All-Stars.
Bobby was generous enough to speak with MLS Reserves about the season thus far, his All-Star selection and thoughts on his future. Interview after the jump.
MLS Reserves: Thank you for taking the time to talk with us. To start off, how has the season been thus far for you?
Bobby Convey: “I think it’s gone pretty well. In the beginning we struggled a little bit, but we’ve picked it up. I think with the remainder of the games we can go on a good little run and we’ll be in the playoffs again.”
MLS Reserves: Last year’s playoff run, you ended up showing very well against New York. Do you think that played a factor in Hans Backe’s decision to select you as an All-Star?
Bobby Convey: ”Anytime you play in any games, other coaches in the league get to watch you play. I’m glad that I could do well and it just happened to be that he [Backe] became the All-Star coach. You always try to play well in any game, because you never know what good will come out of it.”
Convey has alot to be proud of since returning to MLS.

MLS Reserves: This is your second consecutive year being selected as an All-Star. How did it feel to get that call again?
Bobby Convey:  “It felt great. I spoke to Frank about it because the coach [Backe] had called him and we were in training so I just spoke with Frank about it. It’s always exciting to go to the All-Star game. The first couple I went to, my family couldn’t come… Now this one whole family will be able to come because it’s not too far.”
Convey’s family lives in Philadelphia, making the commute easy.
Bobby Convey:  “It’ll be great to experience it with my family. It’s always great to get to go and see all the other guys from around the league. Guys from my national team days and friends from other teams around the nation.”
MLS Reserves: What does it mean for you and Wondo [Chris Wondolowski] to both be selected from the Earthquakes? What does it mean for the organization and the fans of the team?
Bobby Convey:  “I think it’s great. With Wondo and I going it should bring more awareness to the team locally. The fans have been recognizing us. The fans have been very supportive of me. It’s always great to get to represent your club.”
Convey has been battling a few nagging injuries here and there for the better part of this season; sometimes playing sometimes out. This raised some concerns about fitness.
MLS Reserves: Are you still battling any injuries or any health concerns going into the All-Star break?
Bobby Convey:  “No I’ve trained this week and I’ll play this weekend then obviously go next week.”
MLS Reserves: Do you know if Hans Backe plans to play you as a left back or as a midfielder? Any idea where he may put you? Preference?
Bobby Convey:  “I don’t know, I haven’t spoken to him yet. I’ll probably go in and talk to him Monday and we’ll figure it out then.”
Convey for Reading in the EPL
MLS Reserves: Are you excited to be facing Manchester United again?
Bobby Convey:  “It’s awesome; it’s great to play them. I had the honor to play them in England at Old Trafford. That was always a really exciting experience for me because when I was younger we went over to England and got to watch a game. Then I got to actually play there. Now, it’s always exciting to get to play the best players in the world and to see where you stack up. I think it will be a great experience and my family will be there with a great environment.”
MLS Reserves: What are you future aspirations? Are you looking to go to the national team? Happy with the Earthquakes?
Bobby Convey:  “Right now, I’m just glad I’ve got back to being healthy. I’ve been able to play in an All-Star game last year and then again this year. I’m honestly happy with my life here, living in San Jose. I like my teammates, I love living here… if it happens, it happens. For me though, I’m just enjoying where I’m at and glad to be healthy.”
 It seems like Bobby Convey is content and enjoying his life. He’s playing well for San Jose and earned a call to the All-Star game. Wherever life takes him next, he seem intent on enjoying it and pushing to play well.