Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Rant

Happy Friday guys. I thought I'd change it up a bit and go all Simon Borg on ya. So pretend your reading this in a loud and boistrous fashion. Growl at some point mid-sentence to keep it real. Here's your Friday rant. Enjoy!
I’ll never understand the mentality of so many adult amateur soccer players. It happens to nearly every athlete who doesn’t make it as a pro: they love the game and join adult leagues. It’s what I’ve done for years and it is a good thing.
However, inevitably there are those who treat these games as if they are the World Cup final. It is these people who absolutely ruin the experience for so many of us. These are the guys who refuse to laugh or smile for the entire match. These are the guys who dig their cleats into your heels while standing for a corner kick. These are the guys who cuss out their goalie for letting a shot go in.
I just don’t understand what their plight really is. They paid money to play in this adult league. So did I. By my calculations we are actually the opposite of professionals who are paid to play. In fact we are the opposite. So why are we treating the game so seriously. I don’t know. I really don’t.
Sometimes these players are guys in college or who played in college but just didn’t make it as a pro. Well once that happens, we’re all equal. Guys and gals who just want to play the game for fun. Sometimes its that really old guy who is out to prove he’s still got it. Who does this guy have to prove it to? No clue, because I never see scouts on the sidelines.
I suppose it’s a good thing in some ways; the game is growing and people care. Still, I like going to work the next day. I enjoy returning home from my games without a lot of bruises or broken bones. That’s just me though.
Do you have any stories about the dangers of adult amateur soccer? Any thoughts on those of us who love the game but never went pro? Share them below.