Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Some Good Soccer Pics

Obama Family, WWC
Every now and again you just have to step back and marvel at what soccer means to different people. Passion, desire, fun and sport are all wrapped up into the experience for so many people in so many different ways. I thought I'd compile a few pictures here to show some of the better ones I've seen of late. Some of them come from Women's World Cup, some from MLS action. Others come from various people who just sent them in. If you've got some you'd like to share with us, email 'em over. Otherwise, enjoy!

Women's World Cup Viewing

Jon Busch: Dear Referee....

Joe Hart and his twin Taylor Twellman

Women's World Cup Viewing

Abby Wambach post World Cup

Alex Morgan after scoring in the World Cup Finals

World Cup Viewing Party, yours truly is in the background with a head down.

Women's World Cup viewing, courtsey of Sporting Kansas City

Women's World Cup

Obviously these are not mine, but they were worth sharing. Passion is something our country shows in many ways and when it comes to soccer, there is little exception. If you've ever got some great soccer pictures, either professional or amature...even youth. Share them with us. Email them to LCL1121@gmail.com. Vamos!


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