Saturday, September 10, 2011

Catching up with Brek Shea

Brek Shea has racked up minutes this year for FC Dallas. His team has played in MLS, the US Open Cup and the CONCACAF Champions League. Additionally, he’s put in impressive minutes for the US National Team. This has turned into a career year for the winger. We caught up with Brek to discuss his recent success. Here’s what he had to say:

MLS Reserves: You’ve had an extremely impressive year both with MLS and the National Team. Can you start off by talking a bit about your season with FC Dallas?

Brek Shea: “I’ve played a couple different positions and the team has been doing really well. Anytime the team does well, it helps the players do well. We’ve had a tremendous amount of games with Open Cup, CONCACAF and the league so I think we gain confidence. The more confidence the more it helps with your play.”

MLS Reserves: At one point they had you prospected as a center back and now you’re much more involved in the attack. What would you say your best position is? Most preferred position?

Brek Shea: “I’d have to say left mid after the success I’ve been having this year. That’s the one I’ve been playing the most throughout my career so I think that’s probably my best.”

MLS Reserves: You tend to take people on often. Is something you actively work on or does it come naturally?

Brek Shea: “I’d have to say both. That stuff doesn’t automatically come but having the physical size I have and the speed I have definitely helps. I need to work on it though.”

MLS Reserves: With the national team, you’ve seen some impressive performances. Can you talk about your time with the group there?

Brek Shea: “I really enjoyed being in camp with those guys again. I had a lot of fun playing in those games especially playing in Belgium. Playing a European team in Europe was definitely a fun time playing with the guys and playing for Jurgen [Klinsmann].”

Brek Shea with the USMNT

MLS Reserves: You’ve played at the youth level and now with the full team under Klinsmann. What would you attribute your success with the national team to?

Brek Shea: “He tells me to go out there and have fun. He wants me to play my game. He says “you know what you have to do, so go out there and have fun”. You know, that freedom helps a lot.”

MLS Reserves: Does Klinsmann encourage you to get back defensively as often when you take people on in the final third?

Brek Shea: “Yeah, he says if you take people on in the final third and lose the ball, it’s no big deal…just don’t do it in our half. Then he says when you do lose the ball, get back and defend. He teaches you your role and once you know that, it’s pretty simple.”

MLS Reserves: You’ve played a ton of minutes this year between MLS, USOC, CCL and the national team. Do you feel fatigued at all?

Brek Shea:  “I wouldn’t say I’m 100%. I definitely get tired faster than I’d like after all the games. I enjoy the games though…I’ll rest in the offseason.”

Shea vs the Union

MLS Reserves: How do you stay fresh? What do you do after games to keep your body going after all those minutes?

Brek Shea: “The trainers do a good job of keeping us healthy. Just doing simple stuff like stretching and drinking a lot of water. It’s basic stuff to help your body be ready for the next game.”

MLS Reserves: During the Belgium broadcast, Rob Stone [ESPN] mentioned that you had interest from Germany during the transfer window. Is that interest still there? Is that a possibility down the road?

Brek Shea: “I don’t know. I’m here playing in Dallas and having fun. My contract is for 3 more years and for all I know I’m here for 3 more years.”

MLS Reserves: Do you have aspirations to play overseas at some point in your career?

Brek Shea: ”Yeah, going over there and training when the time is right, but like I said, I’m happy playing for Dallas right now.”

MLS Reserves: With Dallas playing so many games this year and with the team having to rally on several occasions, who have the leaders on the team been?

Brek Shea: “Definitely our captain, Daniel Hernandez. He gets everyone going and gets them pumped up for games. When we’re going through a hard time or if we’re tired and indifferent, he gets everyone going again.”

MLS Reserves: Somber news recently with the passing of Bobby Rhine. Being in Dallas you likely had a unique perspective when you got back [for USMNT camp]. Can you talk a bit about that?

Brek Shea: “I played with him my rookie year…. definitely a really good guy. He’s done so much for this club. He was here for so long…he’s going to be greatly missed.”

Brek Shea...and the hair
MLS Reserves: One of the things a lot of fans notice about you, both FC Dallas and national team fans, is your hair. The many hair styles of Brek Shea…Do the guys mess with you at all? What’s the story there?

Brek Shea: “Haha, I don’t know! I get that question a lot… to be honest I don’t really have an answer. I do get a lot of crap for it, definitely haha both here and with that national team. It is what it is and I kinda just do different things. It gets a lot of attention though.”

MLS Reserves: I read that the coach made you cut your hair before the U-17 World Cup, is that true?

Brek Shea: “Haha, yeah I really long hair and I was pretty upset at the time. Now I realize it was stupid.”

MLS Reserves: I cant thank you enough for your time and best of luck with the season.

Brek Shea: “No problem, thank you.”

After seeing such impressive performances with both club and country, there is little doubt what the future holds for Brek Shea. Clearly he has a bright future ahead of him whether it be in MLS or abroad. US National Team fans can be hopeful that his talent continues to flourish. He is young, aggressive and talented on the ball. Couple those things together with his speed and size and you have a deadly combination. Opponents beware, Brek Shea is on the rise. 

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