Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Free Kicks- Remember What's Important in Life

Your Friday Free Kick comes in a bit differently today. Rather than discuss current events in the league or happenings on national scale, today we'll take a slightly different rout.

This week has seen some sad moments that have us casting our eyes downward in both sadness and remembrance. The first came in a moment that shocked Major League Soccer veterans and stabbed the hearts of many Dallas fans. Bobby Rhine passed away. For those who never saw Rhine play or heard him call a game, you missed out. Few players were more passionate and endearing when it came to the sport of soccer. Rhine helped the sport grow in this country and in particular, the difficult Dallas market.

It was his drive the find joy in the game that allowed teammates, coaches and fans to gravitate towards him. His sudden passing away shocked everyone and gives many pause for grievance. However, I urge many of you to use this experience and find positives in it. Rhine loved the game, so help share it with other.

Enjoy life the way Rhine did. 

More importantly though, find the people you love in life and tell them what they mean to you. This may seem silly in a time like this, but events like these serve as a reminder of how precious life is. The cliche to live life to the fullest and make everyday count holds true. Bobby Rhine lived his life well and will be remembered for it. Do the same.

The second moment that will give many pause in the upcoming days is that the 10 year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks is upon us. While this certainly means a great deal to Americans around the country, we've been privy to some remarkable soccer stories. Mike Petke volunteering and the Kansas City Wizards in an almost untold story of soccer were a continent away. MLS is doing its part to remember the victims of the attacks. The same lesson can be found here though. Tell those you love how important they are.

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