Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Free Kicks

Happy Friday to you. Several thoughts have been floating through my head as we move into the weekend. The first is the magic number ten that several coaches have placed on getting to the playoffs. Ten points and we're in seems to be the vibe. I think I was most encouraged by the recent comments of Jason Kreis regarding Real Salt Lake's chances.

Real Salt Lake have gathered nine points in three games including two on the road. This is a far cry from their August efforts. They currently sit in 4th place in the west, but have two games in hand over the league-leading Galaxy. Kreis has stated that RSL have put themselves in prime position to make a run for Supporter's Sheild. This is the type of attitude many MLS teams could stand to learn from.

Many of your read about how I took issue with Bruce Arena's comments earlier in the week. I stand by that. Coaches that have their teams trying to avoid loss rather than win diminish the spirit of the game. Jason Kreis can never be accused of this, he plays the game to win.

The ongoing debate about whether or not technology should become a factor in determining results in soccer is certainly polarizing. However count me on the side advocating it as a way to improve the game. Goal-line technology is certainly not difficult to implement and would eliminate human error (or perhaps referee bias...CCL). It is encouraging to see that MLS could potentially become a pilot program for this.

MLS is the perfect league in which this should happen. The league is young and gaining respect. Piloting a technological endevour such as this would bring more attention to the league and likely positive attention. Furthermore, players and coaches from other leagues would scout MLS. This is a benefit on multiple fronts. And of course, we'd know whether a goal was a goal. That's certainly worth something.

Other thoughts on the day, if anyone missed it, Charlie Davies was on ExtraTimeRadio yesterday. He impressed. His attitude and his candid nature about his form, mentality and club situation truly show how much he as mature in the past three years. He gave due credit to Chris Pontius and was honest about his body and performances through the summer...which were lacking.  Perhaps most encouraging about his interview, he reveals that despite not being contacted by Klinsmann, he's extremely motivated to return to the national team. How can fans not appreciate that drive?

I made an appearance on the Total Soccer Show via voicemail earlier this week. If you havent already, check out this podcast. Discussions of world soccer as well as American soccer are often enlightening and refreshing. Take a listen here.

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