Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rafa Marquez Needs a Reality Check

Rafa Marquez
Rafa Marquez made some disparaging remarks after New York's 3-1 loss against Real Salt Lake. RSL came in to Red Bull Arena and made a statement. The statement was this: New York, you are not good enough.

Recently a Red Bull fan told me that this was the season of blank stares. Nothing could more accurately portray how the season has unfolded for New York. With all their talent, money and quality the team underperforms terribly in an Eastern Conference that is weak at best.

After the match against Salt Lake, Marquez spoke to the media and his words raise some eyebrows. Essentially this: his teammates are inferior to him.

"I'm focusing on really performance at my highest level. That doesn't mean that the whole backline can perform at the same level so that's a problem." Marquez spoke these words through the help of an interpreter. "I think this is a team game and unfortunately there isn't an equal level between my teammates and I."

While it's possible that there was something lost in translation it is unlikely. Most suprising about this is that Rafa Marquez has failed to impress at all this season. He's only played half of New York's games and has not become the leader that many expected him to be. At present, his leadership skills leave something to be desired.

Currently Rafa Marquez is the third highest paid player in Major League Soccer.

Marquez was booed by Red Bull fans nearly every time he touched the ball. Clearly they are making there discontent heard.

"There have been some mistakes, but if you see the statistics I'm trying to steal balls, get them back for the team, make couple of good passes," continued Marquez after the match.

With the Red Bulls being the highest paid team in history and only boasting a dismal 7-7-15 record, fans can easily take issue with Marquez's comments. No matter the record, it is unacceptable for such comments to be made by such a player. Not the mark of a leader.

Hans Backe seems baffled by the thought that Marquez isn't up to par.. "I don't really know what kind of criticism is. But I heard a little bit that the press has been negative with his performance. I haven't seen anything about it," said Backe.