Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tuesday Turnaround and a Candy Hangover

Well it's November and that means Halloween is behind us. Still, October was a fantastic month in MLS that offered us a fantastic finale to the league where matches truly mattered and we saw Wild-Card matches where the fates of teams were decided. In less than a month we will have a new champion and with that a new off season. That means we'll all have to make the most of this last  month and enjoy the post-season for all it's worth. That shouldn't be hard to do as each of the matches yielded goals and none of the games ended in draws.

Choosing a champion at this point is tough to do. The natural choice is LA but while they did win on the road, it wasn't the most convincing of matches. Real Salt Lake made the best case for a reasonable consideration to be champion. Their 3-0 demolition of a formidable Seattle side certainly was convincing. That said, they have to hold that lead and remember that in the playoffs, anything can happen. For my money, there are now three candidates: LA, RSL and Sporting Kansas City. If in fact another team wins it I'll be shocked. These three each posted wins but beyond that, they're the most in form of the group. If I had to choose one I'd say it's...well I'll keep that one to myself right now. Bold predictions are rarely rewarded in MLS where parity reigns.

I will say it's great to see that ESPN2 is showing three matches this week and FOX Soccer is picking up the fourth. There was a time when playoff matches had no exposure at all, save for the internet or a luck of the draw time slot. Perhaps the NBA lockout will have benefits to MLS after all.

Lastly, as I suffer from a severe candy hangover and thus will likely be useless the rest of the day, I do want to say I appreciate those of you who sent in Halloween pics showing your love from the game. I chose two to show and also think you should take a look at the ones on the main MLS website. Happy November everybody, I hope it's a great one.

This one is courtesy of Amanda Verrier (@MrsVerrier) an MLS Reserves frequent. 

This one comes from @PocketKKings with his #FearTheGoat jack-o-lantern. 

Thanks again guys!

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