Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Beckham Staying in LA

After much posturing, debate and media assumptions it seems David Beckham has made the decision not to move to Paris-St. Germain for 2012. The club's sporting direct Leonardo has told the media that the club's pursuit of the star is "finished".

Leonardo was the manager of AC Milan during Beckham's loan there in 2010. The manager stated that Beckham was choosing to remain in LA for family reasons. "David was very interested in coming to Paris," said Leonardo. "But the welfare of his family in Los Angeles, the wish not to have to change everything in his life weighed heavily."

The logic certainly makes sense. It was assumed when Beckham signed with Major League Soccer that by the time his contract was up, he'd be ready to retire at 36. However, those who have watched the English star have seen his passion for the game and his competitive desire to win championships. That had to be the draw of heading to France.

It also seems that as Carlo Ancelotti is now taking the reigns for PSG he has his sights set not on Beckham, but on Kaka. Leonardo was quick to squash those rumors, however it is a logical assumption.

One thing is clear though, Beckham will not play for PSG.

"David Beckham is in Los Angeles, and he is going to stay there," continued Leonardo. "He will not come [to PSG]."

Now though, the task for the Galaxy is to resign Beckham to a new contract, which expired on January 1st. What is most interesting of all of this, might be what happens to the Galaxy's other potential designated player targets. Rumors galore, some with legitimate evidence and some not, were circulating that the Galaxy was targeting the likes of Lampard, Drogba, Ballack and Ronaldinho.

As always, the Galaxy remain a team to watch.

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