Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My Time in the Booth

John (right) and I had a good time. 
Rarely do I write many articles that I would consider "personal" as I try to keep the site as professional and impersonal as possible. Typically, I try to avoid posts that would make this "just a blog". Tonight though, I offer a blog entry and invite comments.

As I look to expand my soccer resume and make myself a more attractive hire in the soccer market, I'm making a serious effort to learn more of the ins and outs of the professional game. One of those avenues to which I'm learning is as a commentator. In particular a color commentator. Tonight marked my first appearance as a full match color commentator.

I've contacted many veterans of the booth and even written articles on the subject. I found myself trying to emulate many of the greats of which I've written about. I even texted one for advice, who wrote back simply "short, sweet, concise." How appropriate for the point, eh?

For 90 minutes I provided commentary and tried to compliment my very capable play-by-play partner John Bouille as he called the match for the Carolina Railhawks. It was an amazing experience. I'm surprised by how intense of an experience it was even at the D2 level. Having spent plenty of time in the press box, it was an interesting jump to go upstairs and be on the microphone, behind the camera. I was privy to a unique perspective of the match and was given a wide birth to make comments on the match.

Most interesting was talking about these players who I've had casual, friendly conversations with. Be it something I was critical about or offering praise to... it was a unique feeling. The Carolina Railhawks are in a difficult stretch as they search for their first win, but for my first match as commentator I was treated to a match of six goals and a 3-3 draw.

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. There were plenty of times where I found myself too excited and accidentally spoke over John, something I need to work on. I invite any and all of you to view/listen to the match and let me know how I did. I welcome the advice as I look to improve. It was a very fun night and I look forward to the next.


  1. Congrats Luke, I'm sure it will only be the beginning of many great soccer media experiences for you. Its obvious that you are extremely driven to succeed, so you are already halfway there.

  2. I know I am late to the party here but man that is awesome. Nothing like being behind the mic and calling a game. I did it throughout college and absolutely loved every second of it. Great stuff Luke.