Monday, May 14, 2012

"Off The Bench"

In an effort to reach out and be more accessible to a wider audience, there have been some changes here at First off, we've picked up some new writers. Brad Snook, William Schulz and Leanne Elston join Pedro and I with the possibility of more joining on as well. What we want is to provide you the readers with more content on a more regular basis.

Additionally, we've launched "Off The Bench" the Official Podcast of On the podcast you'll hear discussions of varying degrees of seriousness and not always on soccer. But for the most part, you'll get top notch analysis and commentary on soccer happenings.

Two shows are uploaded. The first includes an interview with MLS Director of Communications Will Kuhns and the second welcomes new writer Brad Snook into the fold, talking all things MLS. Enjoy it and we welcome feedback. Email with comments or questions for the show.

Thank you guys for reading, listening and most of all sharing with other soccer fans.

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