Monday, August 27, 2012

MLS Reserves Off The Bench Logo Contest


Off The Bench is the official podcast of Your hosts, Luke Lohr and Pedro Gomes, have been recording the podcast since late May and the listenership and listener interaction has steadily increased. This increase in demand has prompted us to launch a new Twitter handle (@OffTheBenchPod) for the podcast in order to interact more efficiently with the listener base. There is only one problem. We don’t have a catchy new logo for the podcast.

We have decided to open the design of the logo to our listeners and readers at  We want you to come up with a cool new logo that we will use for our new Twitter handle. Not only will you get the opportunity to be the “face” of the podcast but you will also have an opportunity to win cool prizes. We will be giving away a Free MLS Jersey of your choice to the winner and the Runner-up will receive a free copy of FIFA 13 or a copy of Hope Solo's Memoir if you're not the gaming type.

But we will not be the judge. You are the judge. Our listeners and readers will vote on which logo they think is the best, with the top two submissions winning prizes.

Here is how you enter:

Send all logos to We will upload all of the submissions to for fan voting. Deadline for Submission will be Sunday September 30. Winners will be announced on October 1.

Good luck and GET OFF THE BENCH!

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