Friday, August 10, 2012

"Off The Bench" Episode 19: Guest Josh Hakala; Trophies, Medals, Promotion/Relegation and the USWNT's Image

The Official Podcast of The man behind the best coverage of the US Open Cup, Josh Hakala, joins Luke to talk about his efforts in covering North America's oldest soccer tournament. Beyond that Luke Lohr and Pedro Gomes discuss Sporting KC's controversial win, keeping American talent in America and what the Gold Medal means to the women's professional game. Hope Solo's attitude and Alex Morgan's work rate emphasize a discussion about the image of the USWNT. Visit to the best US Open Cup coverage around. Also, Pedro says "quit hatin'" and Luke says "'Merica!"

Thanks for listening and sharing with like minded fans. Enjoy this picture of David Beckham wondering when Lebron learned how to be clutch.


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