Thursday, September 6, 2012

"Off The Bench" Episode 27: Guest Grant Wahl (SI), Daniel Paladini (Chicago Fire), the new NASL season and our MLS Predictions

In this episode Luke is joined by Sports Illustrated journalist Grant Wahl to discuss the state of US Soccer in both the men's and women's game. Wahl shares his views on Donovan, Dempsey, Solo and the possibilities of a fourth DP in Major League Soccer. Daniel Paladini of the Chicago Fire also drops in to talk about his resurgence in the line up, battling for a playing spot and the team aspirations for the year. Pedro and Luke discuss the controversial decision by the NASL to host a split season in 2013, and the potential benefits that may or may not come with it.

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Also, if you've missed our previous episode, Matt Tomas of and Kei Kamara of Sporting Kansas City joined Pedro and Luke to cover a wide range of topics. Check it out here. 

Your picture for this episode recaps the reason Seth Sinovic has something special in store for him. 

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