Friday, October 26, 2012

Three For Three: MLSR Predictions

            Another season in the books. The playoffs are almost set and the Supporter’s Shield has been awarded. But before we turn our attention to the playoffs, let’s pause and take a look at three of the matches from the final weekend of the 2012 season. Chicago and D.C. United will battle for improved seeding in the Eastern Conference, while RSL, Vancouver, LA, and Seattle will play each other one last time.

Chicago Fire (17-11-5) vs. D.C. United (17-10-6)

William Schulz: There is a lot on the line for both teams in this one. If results go a certain way, either of these teams could end up in 4th or 5th place. D.C. are in better form at the moment, but Chicago has proven they aren’t to be taken lightly. This game could be the most exciting of the weekend, depending on how badly these two want to secure a high seed. I’m going to be an optimist and assume both teams go for the kill, but I have to give the edge to United. CHI 1-2 DCU

Luke Lohr: Right now this match goes to DC United. Chicago looked uninspired in their last outing while Ben Olsen's men are pumped to return to the playoffs. The Fire seemingly have the better team, but lack of effort on the part of some key players has lead to them looking weak. CHI I-2 DCU

Leanne Elston: Going into the last weekend of the season, there's still a lot to play for in the Eastern Conference. For DC, three points would be an excellent way not only to end the season but to secure second place. But then, Chicago are in the same position, because three points would clinch second place for them, too. In the end, I see this one playing out in a draw. No way DC escapes this with a clean sheet, but a goal a piece seems plausible. CHI 1-1 DCU

Pedro Gomes: There is a lot at stake here in this match-up. The Eastern Conference still has a lot to settle for positioning in this final weekend of MLS action. DC could definitely use 3 points to solidify 2nd place. But more interestingly, if they win and SKC loses they would actually clinch the Eastern Conference title based on the tie-breaker rule (Goals Scored). Chicago could use the points as well to solidify 2nd place. However, in the end i think both teams will nullify their attacking efforts and eventually settling on a draw and hoping for positive results from other match-ups across the league. CHI 1-1 DCU

Real Salt Lake (17-11-5) vs. Vancouver Whitecaps (11-13-9)

William Schulz: Real Salt Lake is going to win this game. Vancouver has shown me nothing in the past few months to make me think otherwise. They could surprise, but I doubt they play too aggressively given they can’t improve their playoff position. I expect them to “rest” for the play-in game. RSL 2-0 VAN

Luke Lohr: Vancouver really is a bad team at this point. Capable of so much, they've truly let down in the second half of the season. Backing into the playoffs by the skin of their teeth makes them a threat only to those who take them lightly. That said, this is the perfect match for Real Salt Lake to remind themselves why they were once so feared. Salt Lake wins this match, even if they rest some of their CCL vets. RSL 2-0 VAN

Leanne Elston: I simply can't see Vancouver getting anything out of this game, especially considering it's at Rio Tinto. Although Vancouver kept Dallas from slipping into the playoff picture, the Whitecaps are by far the weaker side in this match-up. RSL will take care of business and finish out their regular with a win in front of their home fans, while Vancouver will enter the post-season with work still to be done. RSL 2-1 VAN

Pedro Gomes: Vancouver stands little to no chance of escaping this match-up with any points. Even though RSL has struggled offensively, i think Vancouver is probably the only other team that has struggled more recently. You can never vote against RSL at home. And this will definitely be a game to watch, especially if by some miracle Vancouver gets out of the play-in game and has to face RSL in the playoffs. Oh and RSL will have Saborio back. No bueno for Vancouver, amigo. RSL 2-0 VAN

Los Angeles Galaxy (15-12-6) vs. Seattle Sounders FC (15-7-11)

William Schulz: A great matchup potentially spoiled by an all-but-set playoff seeding. Neither team can improve their standing in a meaningful way. That said, I don’t think either will rest on their laurels. Both teams have midweek fixtures in the CCL, but I don’t anticipate much impact outside of travel fatigue for LA. That said, LA do seem to favor fielding a lot of reserves for those fixtures. As far a prediction for this game is concerned, I’m torn. My head says LA, my heart says Seattle. So I’ll split the difference. LA 2-2 SEA

Luke Lohr: The game to watch of the weekend and one that could determine seeding. Not only that, but it's very likely we see one of these two teams in MLS Cup. LA is the hottest team arround and is eager to put the San Jose Draw behind them. Seattle however is just as eager to gain some sort of hardware. LA 3-SEA 2

Leanne Elston: Despite the Sounders having to travel for this one, I think they are still the stronger side and will be able to get full points from this match. Both teams have midweek CCL games to deal with, but Seattle at least gets to play theirs at home. By the time we get round to Sunday, I think the Galaxy will already be looking ahead to the post-season, and Seattle will be able to edge out a narrow victory. I was tempted to pick this as a draw, but I'm going with a win for the Sounders. LA 1-2 SEA

Pedro Gomes: Both teams have a mid-week CCL match-up, however, Seattle will have their match-up at home so they will have to experience much less travel. Couple that with the fact that Seattle is already into the next round while LA will need a result in order to qualify, I see LA putting a bit more emphasis on the CCL match-up. So going into the match-up you have to give Seattle the advantage, even thought hey are
traveling to La, it is still in the same time zone. I give this one to Seattle. LA 1-2 SEA

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