Monday, February 11, 2013

Why the Beautiful Game in 140 characters...

Have you ever been so stricken with how amazing football, futbol and soccer can be? The beautiful game means a thousand things to a thousand different people. Here's a quick sample of how important it is to some. Let us know why you love the beautiful game in the comments below or on twitter.

I love that children can emulate their heroes on the street with only a ball and that players can watch the game like any fan.#BeautifulGame

@MLSReserves It's not black and white, it's gray, like life.

@MLSReserves anyone can play. Doesn't matter your height/weight/color. It's fun and healthy. Not called beautiful game for no reason.

@MLSReserves I'm watching all or part of eight games on five continents today.

@MLSReserves little cliché but its literally a culture. Can talk to almost anyone around the world, active every day, healthiest sport!

@MLSReserves I love the beautiful game because you never know who's going to step up and be the hero.

@MLSReserves I love the#BeautifulGame because of its simplicity. Score and prevent the other team from doing so. Both are done as a TEAM.

@MLSReserves the game transcends borders. We are given opportunity to tap into the global network and learn about other countries

@MLSReserves It'd be easier to list the reasons why I don't love the#BeautifulGame because there are 

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