Friday, June 28, 2013

Soccer Top Ten: Wouldn't It Be Fun If...?

Article by Luke Lohr

We all have things we'd like to see happen in our soccer world. Sometimes they are completely legitimate, relevant and probable. Sometimes though, these hopes are merely flights of fantasy. With that in mind, here are ten possibilities that I've been toiling around in my noggin, wondering...

Wouldn't it be fun if:
  • Real grass was mandatory for all US Men's National Team matches?
  • Player rights were consistent under the US Soccer umbrella, across all three professional leagues?
  • Referee match notes were published post game?
  • Throw-in rules were enforced?
  • The North American Soccer league maintained their split-season format instead of the rumored return to similar format? The split season offers an unique level of intrigue and has changed the way teams navigate their seasons. 
  • Fans could see the amount of stoppage time on the referee's watch?
  • LA Galaxy fans attended Chivas USA home games versus the Galaxy?
  • Landon Donovan absolutely crushed the Gold Cup and did it playing forward?
  • There was a "True Life: Life of the Athletic Trainer" where former trainers spilled the beans on which players were 'primadonnas' in MLS? 
  • The US Open Cup rebranded it's marketing to be "Become the Best Team in America"? Disclaimer: There would have to be actual US Open Cup marketing.
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